Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel Companions...

Yesterday I went to a Bible Study that I haven't gone to in nearly a year.  They meet on Thursday mornings and when I started my job last fall, it just didn't work for me to make it since I had to be at work before the study would be finished.  Haven't went this summer for a slew of reasons.  They were finishing up a series and then doctor appointments.  It was nice to yesterday.  They're doing a light series about the Andy Griffith show and God's message in the clips from the show.

So after the study, Rachael and I ran around Rochester to get some errands done and to stay busy.  I've found that I don't get a case of the "mad hunger pains" if I'm keeping busy.  We headed down to Shopko because I wanted to wander around and I needed a car freshener in my car.  Walking past the women's section I spotted a really cute pair of jeans.  I've been having to buy my jeans at specialty stores for the last 10 years or so, but on a whim, decided to try them on, not really expecting to be able to button them, but would've been happy if I could get them up over my hips.  My hips are my biggest problem area.  Into the dressing room Rachael and I go and I pull on the jeans. Not only could I get them up over my hips, I was able to button and zip them without having to hold my breath!  Excitedly, I called Mike because I needed to tell SOMEONE!  I get off the phone and pull the jeans off and put on my shorts and hear a "Congratulations!!  You should go to Savers!"  from the next changing room.  I laughed because even though the jeans were super cute, I just couldn't bring myself to spend nearly $30 for something that might fit me a month or two and I had thought that same exact though.. I'm going to Savers!

In the car, after the visit to Shopko, I burst into tears.  Why?  Because I realized that I had just met one of my goals.  Something that I've wanted to do for years that has seemed unattainable and impossible for such a long time.  I was able to go into a mass retailer and fit into a pair of jeans off the rack.  Yes, they're jeans in the plus section.  They're jeans at the very top of the plus section, but it's not something I've been able to do.  Jeans in plus plus sizes are super expensive even on sale and I've always worn my clothes to threads because of it.  You also don't get the assortment that you can get in smaller sizes and I've always wanted to be able to wear the "cute clothes" instead of the huge clothes. Now, I have a LONG way to go, but to know that I'm getting there was so affirming!  My next goal?  Out of the 20's and into the teens!  I want to banish the multiple XX's from my clothing sizes!  

At Savers I was able to get 2 pairs of pants and a pair of exercise shorts for $20!  Score!  I'm so looking forward to spending LESS money on clothes and getting cuter clothes while I'm at it. 

By the time we were done at the Dollar Store, Savers and Aldi's, it was 2:30 and I had a starving girl (well Rachael was hungry, too!) and I told her I'd run her through McDonald's for a Happy Meal.  Uh oh.. McDonalds?  I can't tell you that the thought of getting a snack-sized Fire chicken poppers didn't go through my mind.  I can't tell you that my mouth wasn't watering at the thought of being able to chew something warm and meaty...
Drive-through: "Welcome to McDonald's! Can I take your order?"  
Me: "Girls McNugget Happy Meal, please, with chocolate milk." 
Drive-through: "Would you like anything else with that?"
Me: "....umm.... No, that's all thank you!"
Drive-through: "That'll be $3.75, please pull ahead!"
 I resisted!  I drank the last bit of my Crystal Lite and took Rachael home and had a protein shake!  
A good friend posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday.  It was a good reminder and stayed with me throughout the rest of the day.  Thanks Elaine!  It was exactly what I needed to get through the day.  He was with me when I tried on those pants at Shopko and rejoiced with me, He was with me when I burst into tears in the car because I had met that goal and He was with me when I resisted the temptation at McDonalds.  He is always with me and He will never forsake me.  What a wonderful travel companion we have in Jesus!

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  1. Thank you for sharing post and your story with us Sarah! I always say one of the things that makes any trip great are awesome travel companions. I always found that if you have the right people with you, you can have fun anywhere. Thank you again for sharing this with us!